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 Evenings of Clairvoyant Counseling
with Betsy Stang M.A., M.S.C.

We turn towards spring. New growth appears. Spring relates to the Direction of the East, new beginnings, and new life. Sunrise, rebirth. As we approach spring, we must encounter the birth canal, shed what is old.

To the two leggeds, four leggeds and winged ones it is signal to prepare to move forward. The hummingbirds start their startling navigation from South America to their North American nesting grounds. Around the world, the herds and flocks feel the changes and prepare to move, coming together in massive numbers. As spring approaches, we prepare to step out, move forward.

.What are the new opportunities for harmony, growth and change? The winds of change affect us all. In this special evening of clairvoyant channeling, we will meet to explore how we can manifest our dreams in this new and challenging time. We meet not by chance, but as teachers for one another.

This is a time of deep shamanic transformation and the changes are happening rapidly in our lives, our neighborhoods, and our planet and in our consciousness. Perhaps the answers we seek are not out there, but deep within us. Sometimes we come to a place where we need to listen to our higher selves, because alone, we cannot often silence our doubts enough to hear.

If you carry a dream for transformation and healing deep within your heart, now is the time to listen to your inner wisdom. Our dreams can become manifest in physical reality very quickly at this juncture, and we need the good dreams. Bring your questions, your dreams and your sense of humor.

Betsy acts as a facilitator for that process. Her deep listening and validation of the voices our true spirit knows can give us the strength and affirmations to move ahead in alignment with our soul's unfolding.

This is a letter in a bottle. If you are called to come, this time will serve you.

These gatherings are limited to 12 people, so sign up soon.
Reverend Betsy Stang, M.A., is the Founder and Executive Director of The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources in Bearsville, NY. Betsy is an Interfaith Minister, Earth Activist, Feng Shui practitioner, counselor, writer, mother and teacher. Her private practice utilizes Feng Shui, healing, and clairvoyant counseling for personal transformation. For private appointments or for information on classes and programs call 845-679-6347, 917-881-2104 (FL) or email For more info go to or

Tell your friends! Happy Spring

Betsy Stang

Rev Betsy Stang
The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources

We are the ones we have waited for

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Dalai Lama


Betsy is available in Florida at different times for classes and private consultations. If you are interested please email her at and ask to be put on her Florida email list.

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