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Some  words of appreciation for Betsy's Work

"Betsy Stang's intuitive wisdom is clear and nurturing. She draws from a wealth of life experience and learning to provide guidance that is spiritually grounded and uplifting. No matter what your question, curiosity or life challenge, Betsy can help you see things from a different, more life affirming perspective. She is a joy to know and a gift to all who chose to call on her for guidance."
Dr. Diana Whitney
Author, The Power of Appreciative Inquiry


I anticipated some positive changes to occur from a feng shui house and home healing session with renowned expert Betsy Stang. What has resulted is increased beauty, flow, harmony, sense of presence in the moment and future possibilities-- far surpassed my expectations. It is as if precision acupuncture has occurred, opening all the blocked channels of energy (or chi).
Thank you for your very special work. I learn and grow so much every time I work with you, whether it be a feng shui session for my home, or a clairvoyant counseling session for me. They are always life changing.

By Annie B. Bond, Care2's Green Living Expert

As a successful author of a book published in seven languages, a university professor of intuition, and a mother of three wonderful children, I have many of life's true blessings. Throughout my adult life, however, financial security was not one of them. In fact, I lived for years from hand-to-mouth not knowing if the monthly rent or utility bills would be covered.

That all changed after Rev. Betsy Stang came to visit with her Feng Shui medicine. We are going shopping, she announced. Afterwards, she placed simple, Feng Shui cures in key places around my home and advised me about what else to do.

Within three months, I was awarded a dream-come-true grant of a $80,000 to conduct a research interview project on the Culture of Peace that I had designed. Six months following that, I was hired for a 6-figure income. For the first time in my adult life I was financial security. I ascribe the cause of these good fortunes to the Feng Shui recommendations of Rev. Stang. While they are wonderful in themselves, the deeper change happened within me: I knew and know that I am and will continue to be financial secure the remainder of my life.

I could not recommend Betsy's work more. Her spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sensitivities are those of a master and her heart is a fountain of humor and wisdom.

Sharon Franquemont