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Chapter Two
Graduate Days

The graduate division of alternative worlds at the Endor Central University was always buzzing with the hum of life. Students with different orientations and inclinations from all over the central organizing complex met with distinguished faculty from all sectors to assess variables for starting modes of intensive study of numerous outlying worlds.

The central complex now processed students from three galactic clusters who were judged ready to assume new forms and voyage into remote time space coordinates. Students came from a wide variety of disciplines. History, religion, philosophy, science, and ecomanagement, all had representation in the division. Applicants came for a variety of reasons, and were screened intently before being admitted to the rigors of the program. Even so, the division had a reputation for harboring mavericks and malcontents who would prefer to ship to the outreaches of the known galaxies, rather than settle down to a more formally defined function within the cluster matrix.

The chime rang in the viewing chamber. The instructor paused, "That is all for today's presentation. In two spans you will be expected to turn in your applications for graduate internships in Genus Development. This is not a decision to make lightly. Please spend some time in deep attunement, and let your higher self be your guide. I am available for conferences anytime."

Niami thought about the presentation for a long time. Phylon/Centorium 352B was indeed a fascinating planet. But it was not where she wanted to be. It would be easy enough to beam into the cellular structure of a searcher while in larva stage, and do her observational/participant internship in genus development. If she was going to beam into another space/time quadrant she wanted to go somewhere fun.

"Come with me to Earth", a thought broke into her reverie. "Didn't mean to eavesdrop, but boy you're projecting noise." It was Kramos, one of her study team members. Kramos was known for his bizarre humor.

"Earth ?" Niami responded. "You're doing Cetacean?"

"Nope, humanoid, I'm not looking for a genus that knows we're cohabitating. I'm doing research on tech-link. The humanoids are primitive but have developed more technology."

"You'll wind up as fodder for one of their wars and have to run for it when your crazy being gets blown to bits."

"Nope I've studied my history. I'm going for United States, North American continent circa 1960's. Not too much going on there then and the tech minds are just beginning to evolve." Kramos hummed with anticipation "I'm waiting for a computer mind station now."

"But humanoids, people don't have exchange programs until the twenty first century. You'll have to be a walk in!" Niami shuddered. Occupancy without permission was dangerous and lonely.

"Exactly! Not to worry its been arranged. Anthro-survey's been doing it for centuries. Scientists and metaphysicians are no problem. They're used to interior voices and they like to dialogue. And its the first decade in millennia that mind to mind communication is being accepted on Pharos-Earth."

An image slashed through Niami's neural system. Orange sky, the sound of wailing. Nostrils recoiling from an acrid char. Clouds of dark smoke obscure the sight of other groups. Beyond the silent sky a low mighty rumble rolling ever closer. Soon the wave will come. Greenness and the temporary oblivion of death. Niami shuddered. "Look what massive cross pollination with Sol got us before. My memory banks have access to that data. All major expeditions were wiped out; the sector was proscribed for five millennia; and all major communication links were severed. Our 'benign' interference gave the Earth the collective memory of the flood, and a collection of folk tales about magicians and mythical beasts."

Looking inward, she visioned that luminous blue green planet as it began to wobble on its axis, rain and ice covering the formerly verdant land masses. In days, island cities had been totally swept away by enormous tidal waves that washed over the face of the globe. In the remoter mountain outposts, warmth had turned into constant winter's night, and only the creatures who hid out in the inner caves with enough food had survived.

"The true meanings of the old stories are lost everywhere." Kramos mutters softly. Do you remember what we scanned around that young one's journey on Phylon?"

"So? What's your point?" Niami broadcasted impatience. "On Phylon, the young changelings lose all of their memory to concentrate on the immediate now, during their period of trial and initiation."

"I was wondering if we were any different, is all." Kramos mused, the secondary transparent layer of his eyes covered his dilated pupils, signaling a concentrated state of inner alertness."

"Have you never wondered why advanced memory access is only taught within the Council of Elders?" Kramos mused. "We get pushed to the University because it's the primary way to enter the Council. Why do we all go out on research assignments before we can graduate? Just contemplating these possible assignments are bringing up memories we never knew we had."

"Maybe we're reactivating old learning implants that we never considered before?"

"Not likely." Kramos searched within himself."That doesn't feel true. I'm going to Earth because I've a sense I've unfinished business there."

"Niami's solar plexus started to tingle urgently. Something here was important. "What do you mean, Kramos?" "I'm not sure. One of the reasons to go to Earth is to study their traditions regarding something known as "karma". It's an ancient term from the Vedic Sanskrit teachings. Calculating time differential for interstellar travel I should arrive there in the time period 1965-1970. I'll be heading towards a major center of learning called Harvard. Our viewer scans showed that to be an interesting sector, and it is a cradle of the tech-link sub-culture. Anyway," Kramos shrugged," being a university student is about all I know. I should fit in nicely. He paused. "Niami," Kramos sighed, focusing deep within her eyes, " the information I just gave you has an emotional charge for you. It's not just stored data. There is a memory in you struggling to come forward, and its around that distant scrubby planet Earth.

Listen within, am I not speaking true?"

Niami shuddered. Emotions of intense pain and pleasure surged through her. Ribbons of images opened to her inner eye, a kaleidoscope of life cycles dancing before her. Each had a unique resonance, texture, smell, all its own, and yet they seemed to flow effortlessly into one another. There was something awakening in her. She realized Kramos' question had not been an idle one. "Thank you my friend. You saved me a lot of stumbling around. I will go , but on my own. Perhaps we will have the good fortune to meet off world."

"Good fortune nothing!" Kramos grinned. "you don't know me real well if you don't think I would find you in my space/time cordinate. Remember, it's a small planet!"

So it was that Niami found herself suited up for transfer to Earth intercept 1967. Her research would be on evolving consciousness. Kramos had already beamed off world. Her determination of independence had softened, and she decided that a familiar presence might not be a bad idea, so Cambridge, Massachusetts was her destination. Let the others gossip about her and Kramos. That issue could be dealt with when they returned. "If they returned," she winced. It was known that a percentage of wandering researchers never came back. Why and how many was not an accessible answer.

She had hoped for Timothy Leary but that terminal was busy from all galactic quadrants. No matter. Scores of other humanoids were opening themselves into time link and voyaging to the edge of planetary air space with their etheric bodies. Away from the noise of inner planned density good enough for a fix.

"Here she comes. Good luck. T-minus ten and counting! shouted the controller technician. "Good-luck! We'll be scanning for your coordinates for return re-entry. Remember, if you get stuck, contact the Gaia Cetacean representatives. 3-2-1 Beam.. Pharos 3-1967"

The processing chamber glowed. Niami head swam as she was pulled from her corporal self and beamed across the galaxy in seven parsecs. She felt herself colliding with another consciousness and inwardly groaned as she was slowly sucked into cellular reality.

"Where am I ?" gasped Niami.

"You're with me" Sara answered matter of factly. "Whee! This is some trip! You know I don't believe in you. At least my personality self doesn't. When I come down I'm going to forget all about you. In the meantime, my guides have requested that I treat you with all courtesy. Just what I need. Another angel roaming around my neuro systems."

"I'm not an angel."Niami began to protest. "I'm an...."

"I know you're an alien. You're from Alpha something or oth and you're investigating this time space coordinate. Just because I'm a primitive by your standards doesn't mean I"m ill informed." She sniffed haughtily. "I still think you're a figment of my hallucinated imagination. Wish fulfillment of an only child. A friendly alien. No matter. Just make yourself at home now. I'm going to change the frequency and groove. Just what I need now. A voyaging alien inhabitant. See you later alligator!"" And Sara was off on a new focus, shutting off Niami all together.

"I knew it would be lonely", Niami sighed and settled down within the neural cortex of Sara's brain system and began assimilating notes.

The clock tower in the square sounded three bells A cat strolled across the lawn. The trees rustled profoundly in the wind, exchanging life force energy. "Whew." Exclaimed Sara to her reeling cohort, Misty. "This is some trip. I've been scanning the construction of the pyramids, met an alien without a body, and seen the process of photosynthesis occurring on a cellular level. Only trouble is, I've got to pee. Let's go home."

"God!" Misty exclaimed "give some Owsley and she's a metaphysician! Yeah, let's go home. I've got to get to a meeting at school today and I want to see if this stuff gave me zits again."


"Miss Plant!" Professor Chinoga exclaimed in annoyance. "Miss Plant, are you listening to me or are you frolicking out on the astral plane again?"

Sara shifted in her seat. Her eyes snapped into awareness and focused on the professor's flushed face. "he should only know how far out I've been," she mused. He needs to get laid. Not by me." he was right, her thoughts had been wandering. Lower doses on school days would be a better idea. Partly his fault about her lack of attention, she thought. "He has all the charisma of a tofu burger." Out loud she smiled and said, "yes, Professor, I'm listening. I was just mulling over your input."

"Look, Sara," he continued, his voice edged by the bombastic tones of one who is speaking to a captive audience, "this department is Psychology. I hardly think that your proposed paper on "Dimensional Windows As a Factor in the Evolution of Consciousness" is appropriate to this division. You may be able to get away with that in your new age Social Psychology department, that crew from Chicago is flaky anyway, but not on my time, young lady."

Sara wished she could spike him with some hash brownies and leave him at a faculty meeting. She thought for a moment. "But Richard, you know Freud himself experimented with hypnosis to explore the hidden dimensions of the mind. I'm only expanding upon the master's work. Anyway, it's no skin off of your nose, it's only an undergraduate paper not a fucking dissertation. What if I retitle it " An examination of New Modes of Conceptual Consciousness"? I'm not pretending to be a behaviorist and you know Maslow was the grand old man of this department."

Chinoga frowned. She was after all only meeting her independent study requirement in psychology. At least she'd leave him alone, unlike a lot of under grads who wanted constant guidance and weekly meetings. She shifted in her chair and her ridiculously short miniskirt rode up around her thighs, revealing translucent panties and tantalizing wisps of moist pubic hair. He wondered if the stories about her and Jack Stone in Sociology were true. They certainly seemed chummy enough. She had done that slide presentation on sexual deviancy in contemporary culture with him. That porn show had twice filled the auditorium. Chinoga felt himself salivating and cleared his throat. "Well, I'll think it. I have hours on Thursday. Come see me with a new outline and I'll make a decision then."

Sara bounced up jiggling her breasts in his face. "Sure Richard, I'm sure we can do something together." Her smile insinuated pages of pornographic literature. "Not the way you think," she thought but there were perhaps other ways she could turn him on. Yep, psychology might be real interesting this semester, and who knew, maybe both she and the professor would learn some new stuff. Now it was time to go home and wash his clammy vibes off her body.

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Chapter 3