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Betsy Stang MA, MSC


Feng Shui is an ancient practice to harmonize our right relationship in the world and increase our opportunities to create abundance and well being.


Betsy is a certified practitioner of The Pyramid School of Feng Shui, which considers traditional geomantic practices as well as biology, psychology, cultural anthropology, physics and other environmental considerations in an integrated approach to assess how an individual experiences their environment. It is a powerful tool in strengthening positive influences and reversing negativity in an environment, for the purpose of positive living.


Betsy Stang, MA, MSC, has spent the last 30 years as a cross cultural tranformational practitioner. Betsy is an Interfaith Minister, Earth Activist, counselor, writer, mother and teacher. She is the Founder and Director of The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources, and international NGO.


In a challenging, changing world, it is time to make our homes and offices true refuges so that we have the well-being and abundance we need to unfold our true potential as conscious, creative beings.


Healing By Design is a full service Feng Shui Consulting & design service.


Consultations are available in Woodstock, NY, New York City and Palm Beach, Florida.


For information and explore how feng shui can increase the flow of abundance, joy and well being in your life email

. Create you home or office to support your goals and dreams.




We are strands in the web of life.

Conscious living is creative living 




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