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We are part of the web of life, let us be weavers of light



This lifetime a strange thing happened. While we were looking somewhere else for signs and wonders the time of prophecy and change crept up on us.


 When we weren't looking, we entered a dimensional portal and hardly noticed. Until it all got scary and weird.


Strangely, we weren't expecting it to look like this. As relatively conscious beings, we knew, of course, that we would have to be strong and prepared for whatever changes happened, but we all thought that we wouldn't have to change too much. The changes were supposed to be out there, not in here.


We each are seeking to define the challenges, the opportunities, and the divine poetry of this particular moment. The old values no longer work for us as a species or as individuals. We seek new, joyful ways of being.


This is a time of deep shamanic transformation and the changes are happening rapidly in our lives and in our consciousness. Perhaps the answers we seek are not out there, but deep within us. Sometimes we come to a place where we need to carry on a dialogue with our higher self, but alone, we can not always

silence our doubts enough to hear.


Betsy acts as a facilitator for that process. Her deep listening and validation of the voices our true spirit alone hears can give us the strength and knowing to move ahead in alignment with our soul’s unfolding.


If you carry a dream for transformation and healing deep within your heart, now is the time to put it on the table. The dream can become manifest in physical reality very quickly at this juncture, and we need the good dreams now more than ever.


In these sessions of clairvoyant counseling, we explore how we can most effectively manifest our dreams in this new time. We meet not by chance, but as teachers for one another. This is a letter in a bottle. If you are called to come, this time will serve you.


Bring your questions, your dreams and your sense of humor.


Telephone sessions may be arranged

For appointments call:


Woodstock, NY 845-679-6347

New York, NY 917- 881-2104

Palm Beach, FL 561-742-3329

or email



Betsy  is an interfaith minister, Earth Activist, counselor, writer, mother and teacher. Her private practice utilizes clairvoyant counseling for personal and planetary transformation.




We are part of the web of life, let us be weavers of light




Please contact Betsy to arrange a reading before using paypal. Thank you